Education Minister calls teachers to enroll children in community schools

Bardibas, April 20 : Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has asked the teachers of the community schools to get their children admitted in the community schools.
Distributing the textbooks to the students of Janata Basic School at Bhangaha Municipality of Mahottari district Friday, Minister Pokharel asked school headmaster Kailash Chaudhary and all other teachers to enroll their children in the community schools.
Stating that the quality of the community schools was degrading in the recent decades, Minister Pokharel argued that the teachers should take major responsibility to improve the quality.
“How the common people send their children to the community schools if the teachers’ children are sent to the private schools,” he questioned, adding that this has given a negative picture on teacher’s decency and to the profession. “First, the teachers should take steps for this,” Minister Pokharel suggested.