Minister Yadav invites protesting entrepreneurs for talks

Biratnagar : Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Prasad Yadav on Saturday urged the protesting entrepreneurs to shun the mindset of agitations for the sake of country's development and prosperity.

The industrialists and businesspersons in Morang have been up in arms about the hiking of bank loan interest with their demands to revoke the increment of interest rate imposed by the bank and financial institutions.
Stating that there was no significance of agitation as the country was already moving with the agendas of economic prosperity, Minister Yadav argued that resolutions to any issue should be sought through consensus and cooperation. He was speaking at a programme organised jointly by Industry Association Morang and Trade Association Morang.
“Since Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali was a common goal of all Nepalis, let’s unite to realize this goal,” the Minister urged.
Assuring the private sectors that the government was serious towards problems facing the private sector, Minister Yadav drew the attention of entrepreneurs towards reducing the trade deficit by increasing industrial productions.
On the occasion, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Province No. 1 Jagadish Kusiyat pledged that the provincial government would be effortful to help resolve the issues of the entrepreneurs.