113 year old woman votes from Tanahu

30 Baisakh, 2079: Gopimaya Pokhrel, supposedly the eldest one among the 17.73 million voters enlisted in Election Commission of Nepal, cast her ballot in today’s local level election. Pokharel, who hails from Barbhanjyang of Bhanu municipality in Tanahu district, visited polling centre in Mahadevata Primary School from the same ward, to exercise her franchise. The elderly woman, who will turn 114 years on August 22 this year, reached the polling centre with the help of her relatives on foot. She expressed her willingness take part in voting in upcoming other elections as well. Meanwhile, the election that is underway since 7:00 am today is being held peacefully in the district. Among the voters arriving the polling stations for voting, senior citizens, people with disability and incapacitated ones have been prioritized for casting ballot without having to wait long in the queue.