Bamdev Gautam comes with new political party

14 Asar, Kathmandu: Former CPN (UML) leader Bamdev Gautam has announced a new political party named ‘Nepal Communist Party Ekata Rastriya Abhiyan’. At a function in the Capital City today, Gautam said the new party was announced to unite the communist forces in the country adding that he wishes to unite two major communist parties within upcoming elections. Gautam was of the view that other forces have benefitted after the breakdown in the communist parties. “Now, I will unite Nepal’s communists under my leadership.” Gautam also shared that he would launch a three-month campaign to unite the communist parties while stating that his party’s main task is to revive the dissolved Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). “The next objective is to create environment to bring CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist Centre) and CPN (Unified Socialist) for a working alliance before the upcoming House of Representatives (HoR) and Province Assembly elections,” he added. “So far, Nepal’s communist party has been re-formed for 46 times and I am involved in those all,” Gautam recalled the formation and renewal of the communist party in Nepal. The newly-formed party would have a team of office-bearers including one chairperson, seven Vice-Chairpersons with the responsibility of in-charge in seven provinces each, one general secretary, one deputy general secretary, one treasurer and one secretary. Central secretariat’s secretary DB Karki of the newly-formed party said the party will have a 75-member central committee and the standing committee with maximum 15 members.