NC leader Singh urges all to stand by democracy, rule of law

28 Sawan, Kathmandu: Nepali Congress leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh has said democracy and rule of law must prevail in any political party and system.

He urged all to stand by rule of law. Also the former General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Singh underscored the need of unity among democratic forces as it seemed that country was at a watershed moment in terms of democracy and civil rights.

He made such observation during a meeting with a delegation of Democratic Thoughts Society at his own residence, Chaksibari, Kathmandu. The country is plagued by anomalies, aberration, corruption and bad governance, so time has come for the political parties to clear off these vices, he said, “It is a challenge to struggle against capture of party organization on monetary influence and procuring politics.”

He drew the attention of democratic intellects including members of the Democratic Thoughts Society to advocate for ideology, principles, policy and morality. Absence of democracy would cause severe damage to various civil society organization and professional societies, leader Singh argued. On the occasion, Society Chair Kulchandra Wagle also opined that political leaderships should be aware against anarchy, deepening corruption in state mechanisms and threats to democracy.

He informed that the Society had launched interactive campaign for democracy, human rights and good governance. Similarly, Senior Vice Chair of Society, Gokarna Aryal, Secretary Prof Dr Akal Dev Mishra and others drew leader Singh’s attention towards plights faced by Nepalis on education, health and employments.