Policy reforms needed for development of agriculture sector: President Paudel

16 Feb, Kavrepalanchok : President Ramchandra Paudel has pointed out the need of policy reforms in the agriculture sector, saying alleviation is possible through the development of this sector.

Inaugurating the ‘Extensive Kavrepalanchok Agriculture Festival-2024’ in Banepa today, he stressed on the need for the poly-makers, planners and the government to bring special programmes for increasing the exports and import substitution through production and employment growth.

“I see the need of extensive policy improvement in the agriculture sector as it has the capacity of extricating out the community that is below the poverty line,” the President reiterated. The Head-of-the-State said the nation’s need after the political change is economic prosperity, development and peace alone.

Noting that it is inevitable to make provisions for ensuring ‘Justice to the Underprivileged and Income to the Poor’ and to foster a culture of respecting the labour, he viewed that a economically prosperous Nepal can be built, paving the way for industrialization mainly through the development of agriculture, tourism, water resources and enterprises.

“This is also the intent of the federal democratic republic,” the President reminded and underscored on the need of conserving and promoting the technologies, practices and the indigenous crops on the verge of disappearance. He also emphasised on promotion of agriculture and animal husbandry and transferring the skills, knowledge and technology related to this to the new generation.

Referring to Kavrepalanchok as a district that is important in terms of agriculture, dairy and market-oriented agriculture produce, he expressed the belief that the Festival will make a significant contribution to expanding the agricultural enterprises aimed at promoting employment and income generation in the agricultural sector in the context of the citizens of the district getting attracted towards other professions and sectors.

The President also stressed on the need of development of more agriculture products markets like the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market across the country. On the occasion, the President presented the ‘President Outstanding Farmer Award’ to six farmers from Kavrepalanchok and Sindhupalchok. The four-day-long Festival is jointly organized by the District Coordination Committee, the Banepa Municipality, the Agriculture Development Office, the Livestock Service Office and the Kavrepalanchok Chamber of Commerce and Industry.