Chief Ministers’ assembly concludes, seeking strong provinces with rights

Pokhara, Sept 7 : The Province Chief Ministers have called for strong provinces for prosperity and development in the country with the full implementation of federal constitution.

The Chief Ministers came up with this conclusion in the two day assembly hosted by the Office of the Gandaki Province Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

They have collectively opined that there was confusion surrounding the rights to education, health, natural resources, law and order and human resources management because these were brought under in the ambit of province governments.

However, the constitution has clearly stated these responsibilities to be performed by the provincial governments, they complained.

The two-day assembly begun from Thursday ended today, issuing 8-point declaration focusing these issues. The assembly was called to prepare a working schedule for the upcoming inter-province coordination council meeting.

Following the assembly meeting Gandaki Province CM Prithvi Subba Gurung shared that the assembly held serious discussions on resolving the problems surfaced in the operation of provincial governments.

The assembly has concluded that the formation of provincial public service commission act and province civil service act were yet to be come into effect due to lack of federal act on these issues.
The assembly has also furnished various suggestions to the federal government to delegate rights on passport recommendation, citizenship certificates and the management of the chief district officers to the provincial governments.

Allocation of 60 percent revenue generated in the provincial level to the local and provincial levels and the rest to the centre is another suggestion.

The Karnali Province Chief Minister Mahendra Shahi however failed to attend the meeting.