Peace cannot be conceived of by keeping the people in poverty: Chairman Dahal

Kathmandu, Sept 19 : Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Pushpa Kamal Dahal 
has said security, sustainability and violence –free society cannot be conceived of by 
keeping a big chunk of the population in poverty.

Addressing a programme titled ‘Let Us Work Together for Sustainable Peace and Security in the World and for Building a Common Future for Human Race’ organised in Nanjiang of Chyangsu Province of China on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, he said sustainable peace and real security would remain a pipedream unless the challenges of climate change and poverty were addressed.
“Climate change has really posed a challenge to human security. Global warming, desertification, shortage of water and other adverse effects of climate change have spawned conflict in various areas,” Chair Prachanda observed.
Stating that peace and security were prerequisite for ensuring a dignified life, he said the basis of dignified life is inclusivity, equality and sustainable development. “The stark division and inequality between the countries and peoples are also the present realities. Poverty of our times is a formidable challenge,” the CPN Chair and former Prime Minister added.
He also expressed concern over the widening gap between the rich and the poor although hundreds of thousands of people have been extricated out of the poverty line since few decades.
“It is a matter of happiness that the international community has widely internalized the importance of working together for development and becoming prosperous to promote global peace and security. It is widely accepted that there cannot be development without peace and vice-versa. We can say that we are comparatively in the phase of peaceful world,” Chairman Prachanda said.
He stated that although the nations were working from their heart to achieve durable peace, security and order, there were some issues which still remained to be resolved through the collective endeavours.
He also reminded of the interconnectedness of countries and the people of the world owing to the globalisation and the rapid development of information and communications.
“We are also together facing the challenges brought about by globalisation. There are reasons for us to be optimistic. The technological development and discovery in one country has made the life of the people easier throughout the world. The rapid and sustainable economic development in one part of the world has raised the hopes for prosperity of the rest of the world,” CPN Chair Prachanda said.
Appreciating the leadership role played by China to connect various countries and the people, he said the Belt and Road Initiative aimed at market integration and promoting regional economic cooperation for the benefit of all has received broader support from the international community.
He expressed the confidence on behalf Nepal that BRI would support in building infrastructure in the Himalayan region thereby removing the obstacles and difficulties in the movement of services, goods and people in the region. He also believed that expanded connectivity would promote productivity, and trade and commerce.
Pointing out that Nepal has been from time to time advocating for the principles of the UN Declaration, Prachanda said the Nepal’s commitment to global peace is reflected in its constitution.
CPN Chair Prachanda is currently on a four-day visit to China. He is returning home today.