Over 200 men receive tika from ‘Anjali Didi’ at mass Bhaitika programme

15 Nov, Kathmandu : More than 200 men received tika from Anjali Maskey, popularly known as ‘Anjali Didi’, in a mass Bhaitika programme she organized at Kashthamandap, Basantapur in Kathmandu on the occasion of the Bhaitika celebration today.

Most of those receiving tika from Anjali Didi do not have sisters. On the occasion, Anjali Didi put the seven-colour tika on the forehead and garlanded them with the garland of the globe amaranth flower.

She also offered them More than 150 special mandap were prepared at Kashthamandap for the mass Bhaitika ceremony, according to Anjali Didi. Mandap is the special anointed place for seating the brothers during the Bhaitika rituals.

She shared that she offered the Bhaitika so that those who do not have sisters will not have to keep their foreheads without tika on this auspicious day commemorating the love and respect between brothers and sisters.

Anjali Didi has been organising the mass Bhaitika programme on the day of Bhaitika, the last day of the five-day Yamapanchak or Tihar festivities, for the last 25 years.