SC interim order to not seal Bajeko Sekuwa

Kathmandu, Aug 29 : The apex court has issued an interim order in the name of the government to not immediately implement the decision to seal the outlets of Bajeko Sekuwa (a popular restaurant) and scrap its brand.

A single bench of Supreme Court’s Justice Sapana Malla Pradhan today delivered the order to stay the implementation of sealing the Bajeko Sekuwa outlets and revoking of its brand.

Nitima Bhandari, spouse of the investor of Bajeko Sekuwa, on August 26 had registered a writ at the Supreme Court challenging the government’s decision to seal the food business undertaking.
In a writ, she claimed that the government sealed the outlet of their business on the basis of suspicion, while asking for the court to quash the government’s decision.
Likewise, the court order stated that the government could not ban the exercise of fundamental rights as the Nepal Constitution itself has specified right to profession and business as the fundamental right. It also noted that there are no clear bases and causes behind the decision to seal the Bajeko Sekuwa outlets.
It may be noted that the government had decided to seal the outlets suspecting that the food business was operational with investment of black money generated through gold smuggling.