Deumai Municipality decides to provide cash for child birth and death of person

Mangalbare, Ilam : The people of Deumai Municipality in Ilam have welcomed the Municipality’s decision to provide five thousand rupees for the birth of a child and at the death of any municipality denizen.
The town assembly of Deumai Municipality recently made the decision to provide cash when a child is born to help in the child’s nurturing and in the death of any citizen of the municipality for meeting that person’s expenses for the post-death rituals.
This is the first such decision made by any local level in Province-1 and the first town assembly made this decision, according to Mayor Surya Prasad Pokharel.
Likewise, the Deumai Municipality has decided to add to the amount for clothing allowance that is provided to the older persons. The town assembly has taken a decision to provide Rs 5,000 to people above 70 years of age as support to their old-age allowance and medical expenses.
The Municipality has so far distributed the nutrition allowance to 52 women who recently gave birth and obsequies expenses to 42 people. Deumai was declared a municipality three years back. Its population is 32,366.