NC urges govt not to weaken parliament

27 April, Kathmandu: The major opposition Nepali Congress has drawn the government’s attention towards the proposal it made before President Ram Chandra Paudel on bringing ordinance. The NC showed concern over government’s decision to amend some important laws directly related to the country and people via the ordinance.

The parliamentary party office of the major opposition issued a press statement today and argued despite having adequate time and opportunities for law making, the government terminated parliament session all of a sudden; it was unwarranted. In stead of addressing the problems of cooperative victims, the government took reverse move, NC added.

The NC has further accused the government of ignoring its demand to form a parliamentary probe committee on problems of cooperative victims. The investigation had to be carried out on misuse and embezzlement of the money deposited by hundreds of thousands people, it reminded. “It is misinterpretation of ordinance related provision in constitution.

The ordinance was brought in the pretext of investment summit, while the event was planned and prepared for long,” NC reiterated. NC Chief Whip Ramesh Lekha said government move was misinterpretation of constitution and it was against parliamentary norms and democracy.